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Stay in touch with consumers and brand original homeownership content with your name. How? The REALTOR® Content Resource gives you access to hundreds of authoritative homeownership, buying, and selling articles ready to use in your consumer communications. When you log in, you’re just three simple steps away from sharing original content via social media, e-mail, your website, blog, e-newsletter, or printed handout. The REALTOR® Content Resource is the member version of HouseLogic, NAR’s consumer website.

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What is a widget?
HouseLogic widgets are modules containing HouseLogic content that you can copy and paste into your website or blog.
Why should I use a widget on my website or blog?
It's a great way to provide ready-to-go content to clients and customers and to help promote HouseLogic, NAR's homeownership site for consumers.
Which size widget should I use?
Pick a widget size that works in the space you can allot on your site. You can select from vertical or horizontal strips or a box format.