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Stay in touch with consumers and brand original homeownership content with your name. How? The REALTOR® Content Resource gives you access to hundreds of authoritative homeownership, buying, and selling articles ready to use in your consumer communications. When you log in, you’re just three simple steps away from sharing original content via social media, e-mail, your website, blog, e-newsletter, or printed handout. The REALTOR® Content Resource is the member version of HouseLogic, NAR’s consumer website.

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Last Revised: February 2010

Welcome to the REALTOR® Content Resource, a NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (“NAR”) member benefit. The REALTOR® Content Resource (“RCR”) available at HouseLogic.com/members allows you to access and use HouseLogic (“HL” or “the Site”) content for your real estate businesses, except for news articles pursuant to paragraph 4 below. In order to use HL content, you must adhere to the rules outlined in this Reprint Rights Policy. In addition, your use is subject to certain license agreements that HL has with content providers and to certain laws including copyright and trademark laws.

Please read these Reprint Rights carefully as your use of HL content constitutes your binding acceptance of them, including any modifications that HL may make. Your use of RCR is also governed by the HL Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. NAR may, in its sole discretion, modify, or revise this Reprint Rights Policy at any time, and you agree to be bound by such modifications or revisions immediately upon HL’s posting them on the Site. If you do not accept and abide by this Reprint Rights Policy, you may not use HL content.


1.  Access and Use. The permitted HL content may be accessed and used by members as well as state and local associations. Instructions for downloading HL content are available on the RCR website. The HL Content must be used in full. You may not change, edit, excerpt, manipulate, or alter the content in any way, except that you may re-format the text dimensions and font in order to fit your distribution needs and you may insert your own branding to the top of the Word and text files.

2.  Attribution. Your use of the HL Content must include the appropriate attribution in all circumstances. If you fail to prominently display the following information you may not continue to use the HL content. Each article you use from the Site must include the:

  • Original title
  • Author’s byline beneath the title
  • Full text of the article, including the author’s bio where applicable
  • Following copyright notice: “Visit HouseLogic.com for more articles like this. Reprinted from HouseLogic.com with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®."

In addition, all uses of the HL Content must include a hyperlink to the Site or the Site’s URL address.

3. Prohibited Use of Images.  You may not copy, obtain, or use any image, including any video,  that is available on the Site. HL is not the copyright holder of these images and video. HL has obtained a license to use these images and video for the Site, but does not have permission to allow others to use them. Videos featuring Danny Lipford may be available on YouTube.

4. Prohibited Use of News. You may not copy, obtain, or use any news articles available on the Site. HL is not the copyright holder of these stories. HL has obtained a license to use these stories, but does not have permission to allow others to use them.

5. In Association Magazines.  Member associations may use HouseLogic content in association magazines provided that the association abides by the Attribution and copyright rules stipulated here. HouseLogic imagery may not be used in conjunction with any article.

6. Twenty-five or more articles. Members and associations who would like to use 25 or more pieces of HL content in a given month must contact HL in writing by email (rcrsupport@houselogic.com) to explain how, when, and where the articles will be used before proceeding.

For more information regarding the REALTOR® Content Resource, please see the FAQs at http://members.houselogic.com/faq or contact HL at support@houselogic.com.