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Stay in touch with consumers and brand original homeownership content with your name. How? The REALTOR® Content Resource gives you access to hundreds of authoritative homeownership, buying, and selling articles ready to use in your consumer communications. When you log in, you’re just three simple steps away from sharing original content via social media, e-mail, your website, blog, e-newsletter, or printed handout. The REALTOR® Content Resource is the member version of HouseLogic, NAR’s consumer website.

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With the REALTOR® Content Resource, you have a great new, FREE benefit to share with your members—and a great source of content for your publications. Here, you can access marketing slicks, presentations, podcasts, and videos to help you tell the HouseLogic story and learn more about its value to you and your members.

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Enrich your association website by adding a FREE HouseLogic content widget. Not only will you spotlight the value the REALTOR® organization brings to consumers throughout the homeownership lifecycle, you'll help spread the word about HouseLogic.


HouseLogic & the REALTOR® Content Resource: What's in it for you, the Association Executive?

AEs: REALTOR® Content Resource Video: Be a hero at your next asociation meeting. Show members how to get FREE content for their consumer communications.

Why Should I Use the REALTOR® Content Resource? No more searching for content to include in your communications. REALTOR® Content Resource has all the articles you'll ever need.

Build your own HouseLogic widget: Add streaming consumer articles to your site or blog. Choose the size and shape you want, and presto--free content!

The inside story of HouseLogic: Why was HouseLogic created? What can it do for you? Find out!